White out snow is fantastic.  Driving or walking through it instantly brings back childhood memories.  Sledding, snowmobiling, building snow forts, winter time growing up was great.

I remember my brother, the artist he was, building a giant Bart Simpson head in the front yard.  It had to be six feet high by six feet wide.  I remember on snow days digging trails around the back yard for the dogs to run in.  I remember always trying, but never succeeding to build snow stairs up to our bedroom window.

I remember sledding down hills for hours, building ramps, walls, and moguls.  I remember surfing on those orange torpedo sleds.  I remember still trying to sled when March warmth was hitting and the snow wasn’t quite good enough anymore.

I remember snowmobiling with my dad, brother, and cousins. Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, even here in Illinois.  What a thrill!  I remember going for seemingly hours long rides, losing feeling in my toes, and stopping at some dinky shack in the middle of nowhere for hot chocolate and a burger.

Although these snow storms can be nasty, they sure do illicit great memories!



  1. Kate Schwarz · March 14, 2017

    What great memories! I’m completely impressed with the Bart Simpson snowman…if it had been done today, I’d probably have already seen it thanks to social media. 🙂 Hope the memories continue, and the snow, too, if it’s what you’d like!


  2. Melanie Meehan · March 14, 2017

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to tap into some snow memories. We have ANOTHER snow day here for Storm Stella! I love the connections of present to past. Great memories!


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