Congratulations! We made it!

I’d like to thank all those who helped along the way…

All jokes aside, it was a refreshing month of writing. I still don’t feel very confident in my style or writing in general, but it’s a learning process right?

I set out for one more day than last year, and nailed down the whole 31. I’ll take it! See you all again (internet-wise) next year, and thanks for helping keep me motivated!



In college, all the athletes went through a sportsmanship training program called Influence.

Every year, all the athletes received a shirt with a time on the back. 40:00, 30:00, 20:00, or 10:00. The times represented how much “game time” you had left to influence as a North Central Cardinal.

It was an interesting concept and one that I have always appreciated but wondered how to better implement it as a coach. Coaching the character aspect is one of the more complex and rewarding aspects of dealing with youth.

As we draw to a close on March, and near the end of the school year. How do we choose to use the remainder of our time this year? How do we choose to influence our peers, students, and athletes with our last two months of this school year?


While my wife was getting a pedicure with our sister in law, I had the privilege of hanging out with my fourteen year old nephew.

He has always been a very bright boy, loves band, music, and has recently taken up becoming a DJ.

We got to talking about different setups, giving me the chance to reminisce of my high school years DJ’ing local events. It amazed me what has changed and how knowledgeable he was.

He then proceeded to begin going through the hundreds, maybe thousands of CDs which have been gathering dust in storage. He was excited to be able to take this music for his collection for his aspirations.

I personally was just glad to see all that hard work I put in years ago, go to good use.

Open House

“The licensing worker was here this morning for a scheduled visit. They asked us if we would ever think of fostering again.”

This was the text my brother and I received from my sister shortly after noon today.

My sister fostered a nonverbal autistic boy named David last year in April. In June, she started dating an old friend, Jim. In October they were engaged. In February, Jim moved in with her and David. And today…

“We said yes.”

Tomorrow, Ethan, a six year old boy will meet his new foster family. Talk about a whirlwind year.

I don’t know how she does it. She’s a full time administrator, planning a wedding, taking care of a very active child, and is so welcoming to readily accept another foster child into her life.

What a year it’s been for her, and what a future it will be!


I was trying to think of a topic for today and I tripped right over him!

Three years ago we got a furry little rescue dog from Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare.

He serves as a loyal companion always.  He loves walks, treats, and car rides.  His favorite place is the Dogout dog park.

He has been on vacation with us from the upper peninsula to New Orleans to Myrtle Beach.

He has been a large part of our family and always seems to roll with the punches when things change.

Whenever a sickness hits, he serves as a great comfort to my wife and me.

When we got a second dog, he adapted quickly, made room for her, and even shared his food.

Now that we have our little guy on the way, I know Bullseye will be his best friend and companion as he grows up.  I can’t wait to see how he makes our little one comfortable and welcome.

The wall

The 26th of March and I have hit a wall.

Push through it and be victorious, give up and settle for almost made it.

I set out for one more day, and one more day, and one more day.

I have made it this far, just need to dig deep and finish strong.

I’ll read others posts for ideas, I’ll try and be more aware of what’s going on around me.

I have come this far, I will make it to the end!

Puddle Decisions

One of the more interesting running debacles comes in the puddle decision.

When it isn’t raining, when does one ever run through or step in puddles? I suppose in a race if they are unavoidable, stepping in a puddle may be a necessity. Other than that though, avoid them at all costs!

But when it’s raining out, which in my opinion is the best time to run, puddles are a must. Maybe it’s that they aren’t as avoidable, or maybe it’s the fact that soaked shoes are inevitable. Either way, the puddle decision here is obvious…run through every one.