Personal Bests

The motto of “personal bests” has always been one which has appealed to me.  My cross country coach in college, Al Carius, instilled in us runners the theme of “Run for fun and personal bests.”  It may seem a bit cliche, but if one really buys into the idea, it not only propels them forward to continuously improve, but also teaches discipline in handling defeat.

As a coach, I have aimed to pass this on to the athletes I have had the pleasure of working with.  Those who buy in, track and field-wise, really seem to catch on to the sport and running in general.

I have always taken great pride in seeing former runners succeed at the high school and even collegiate level.  By succeed, I do not mean state titles or other trophy accolades.  I simply mean by watching their times drop, no matter where they finish, and knowing they strive every day to better themselves for their future.

This slice is for them, Bubby, Chaka, Tony, Johnny, Joey, Musaab, Sadik, Jessica, Karla, Jyana, Sade, Mireya, and many more.  They have all made me proud and continue to do so with every mile they run.


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