Change the World

Today I was fortunate to host four little friends in my office as their teacher served as a proctor for their classmates PARCC testing.

These four students, are always very friendly, usually smiling, and when I was asked about them working in my office for an hour and a half, I was more than okay with it.

One of the boys in the group had a packet of assignments he was working on.  It was stapled together and he needed to cut the top page.  The problem came in the thickness of the paper, as when he went to cut the page, he actually cut the next two as well!

He continued on with cutting, not realizing the error, and then began his word sort.  He soon found he had way more pictures than he was supposed to have, and some of them were cut down the middle.

Seeing he was frustrated, a girl from his class walked over to him and picked up the extras and looked at them.  She was baffled as well, so she said loudly, “Mr. Nolan, something is going crazy on over here!”

I went over, saw what had happened, and began taping the pieces back together.  The boy was relieved that he didn’t have twenty-seven pictures to place, but only nine, and the girl simply looked at the boy and said, “You know, I think you made something new here, this could change the world!”

Talk about looking at everything as a point of growth or improvement!


  1. thaanen · March 8, 2017

    What words of encouragement she gave him! If only we all could see the possibilities instead of all our limitations.


  2. peteacher1 · March 8, 2017

    What a great slice! I enjoy listening to kids’ conversations. You captured such amazing, thoughtful comments from the young girl. If more people had such positive thoughts – wow – what a wonderful world! Thank you for sharing. This slice made my day!


  3. kmurphy1027 · March 8, 2017

    This young lady understands everything there is about looking on the bright side of things. She always looks at things differently. I wish I could be more like her! Thanks for sharing a little piece of the conversation with these amazing kids.


  4. Chalice · March 8, 2017

    That’s adorable. I love when students help each other grow.


  5. ccahill2013 · March 9, 2017

    Notice and learn – You have done this and I think it’s just so powerful. Notice our little ones and learn from them. They have such a good grasp of their world right now – and will one day change the world!!!


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