What a strange reminder our bodies can offer us.

At multiple times daily, I catch myself in a moment where silence prevails.  But even in that silence, I’m offered a rhythmic reminder of moving on.  In traffic, after running, thinking of what to write for a blog post…heartbeat is always there.  It is a very pleasant cue to remind me that there is a pattern of motion to everything, that everything keeps flowing, even when silence seems to be the loudest noise.

Taking the physical aspect of heartbeat aside, this also brings me back to teaching and coaching.  It is important to always know the heartbeat of the team.  What makes it go quicker, what slows it down, and what prevails even in the silence of the day.



  1. jess2e28 · March 5, 2015

    My favorite line is “It is important to always know the heartbeat of the team.” I liked how you used personification to describe the heartbeat. Another great slice!


  2. raeily · March 5, 2015

    I love heart beats. The heart beat of my husband and my baby girl move me forward almost as much as my own. I like how you call it a pleasant cue.

    Just wanted to note that your link on the SOL page didn’t work and I had to find another way to your post.


  3. Dana Murphy · March 5, 2015

    Woah, you’re getting really deep, Colin! This is a wonderful Slice that makes me rethink ‘silence.’ Also, I never really thought about the heartbeat of a team or group before – same would apply to a classroom, I’d imagine.


  4. creech33 · March 5, 2015

    I love your opening sentence. It’s so true. I started think about the reminders our heart gives us in panic, happiness, anger, anxiety. You’re quite the writer, Colin!


  5. erinjohnson7 · March 5, 2015

    Very deep indeed…I like your thinking that a heartbeat is a pattern of motion to everything.


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