Puddle Decisions

One of the more interesting running debacles comes in the puddle decision.

When it isn’t raining, when does one ever run through or step in puddles? I suppose in a race if they are unavoidable, stepping in a puddle may be a necessity. Other than that though, avoid them at all costs!

But when it’s raining out, which in my opinion is the best time to run, puddles are a must. Maybe it’s that they aren’t as avoidable, or maybe it’s the fact that soaked shoes are inevitable. Either way, the puddle decision here is obvious…run through every one.


  1. carolmcbroom · March 25

    This is a fun post. I wonder why running in the rain is the best? Just curious. Keep on runnin’!


  2. Kim K · March 26

    I wonder if you happen to run extra hard through those puddles so as to cause an extra big splash? I can picture that so clearly. 🙂


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