All set? You bet.

This phrase used to be the start of every interval of every speed workout in college.  We wouldn’t wait for a coach, we were conditioned to work together.  On one person’s “All set?” the rest of the group would reply, “You bet.”

This glue that was built from day one, enhanced the oneness that was Cardinals Cross Country and Track and Field.  That oneness continues still today as the chants of “NCC” can be heard from coast to coast as the newest Cardinals claimed our fifth indoor Nationals title and eleventh overall Track and Field Nationals crown.

My brother in law ran there almost a decade before me, but we both enjoyed that sweet feeling of victory as we have many times before.  It was a great way to start the track season for me, and a motivating feeling of togetherness for all us former harriers.


  1. pittswitts · March 23

    The camaraderie flows through this piece. Can’t beat a good team run, especially in competition.


  2. krystinicole · March 23

    What a great way to pull together.


  3. ccahill2013 · March 23

    Great memories! We should all be so lucky to work together as a team!


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