So much honesty

There is a student at school who I have seen grow up a ton over the past four years. He has always been a busy kid and this used to get him in a great deal of trouble.

He would often be in the dean’s office for spontaneous and impulsive behavior. He came to Central Park, and quickly became known to everyone who came in contact with him.

He had some struggles, but for the most part acclimated well and really took to the school, his teachers, and classmates. His brutal honesty was what made his character really stand out.

Sure, he still was in the dean’s office from time to time. But they were always quick trips. He never wanted to lie or even tried to, because he knew doing so would keep him away from where he wanted to be most, in class.

To this day, I do not believe he has once tried to lie his way out of something, good or bad, and that is a feat in itself.


  1. ccahill2013 · March 21

    And THAT is the quality that will get this kid through life!


  2. brighidk28 · March 21

    Refreshing to hear of our young ones taking OWNERSHIP. I had a talk with a student today that lied repeatedly about something as trivial as chewing gum. How much easier would the situation have been resolved if she had just owned up? And then trust would not have been diminished. Those are some of my favorites, though; the goofy, honest ones. The kids who are full of personality and don’t necessarily act out maliciously. They own up right away, however bizarre the offense.


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