March Madness is one of my favorite sporting events to watch.  You never know, no matter how much you research, who will provide and upset or a Cinderella story.  You never know what school will roll through the tournament.  You never know who will be sent home early, or lose a game due to circumstances beyond their control.

I usually enjoy cheering on the Big 10, even though I personally have no connection to any of these schools.  This year, I went away from that, and no sooner did Wisconsin upset the best team!

I love watching the coaches, seeing who gets mad, who makes excuses, and who motivates their players.  I watched a game on the second day where the coaches were near polar opposites.  One well known coach is on his feet yelling at his team the entire game, for both good and bad.  The other coach, cheering on his team, pulling the players aside, giving them pats on the back or rubbing their head when they need the reminder of who has their back.

It was heartbreaking watching Northwestern be robbed of the momentum of their game.  I don’t usually support coaches getting upset, but Chris Collins sure was in the right for verbally protesting a clear missed call.  But no excuses were made, they will move on and they sure will be back next year.

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  1. Darin Johnston · March 19, 2017

    Another fan of the Madness! I was very happy that Wisconsin, Purdue, and Michigan are in the Sweet Sixteen (being from Iowa, both Wisconsin and Purdue were beat by them). I was happy to see how well Michigan State did for the first half against Kansas too.

    All in all, the Big 10 will be back, and it will be a tough conference next season! 🙂


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