They say you can’t teach an “old dog” new tricks.

However, as I sat down to teach my dad how to play Scrabble, I sure was in for an awakening about this fallacy.

My dad as never been big into literacy, reading, or language whatsoever, but when you put a Scrabble board in front of him, he becomes a whole different literary genius.

Some of the words he came up with, and creatively placed, stumped even a season “Words with Friends” veteran like myself.

I went into the game thinking I was simply teaching my dad a way to help keep his brain active.  I left the game with a stern reminder that my dad has always been one of the most clever people I know, and I sure was the one who learned the lesson today!



  1. amelia1973 · March 5, 2017

    What a great son you are. Dads always seem to surprise us! I’m glad you two are enjoying time together!


  2. theteachingbee · March 5, 2017

    I love this story! What a great reminder in us all that there are always surprises around each corner-and even in folks we think we know! 🙂


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