One more day (at least)

Year three of the slice of life for me!  Last year I set out to complete the whole month and fell short.  This year, I am going to set my goal at one more day than last year, and certainly make every day after that “one more day” as well.

There certainly will be plenty to write about these next thirty-one days, from baby preparations, to family birthdays, to sports celebrations.  But one thing is for certain – I will make in farther than last year, and I will dedicate to the cause!

Happy writing everyone!



  1. lindsayogean · March 1

    You have tons to write about…I will help hold you accountable!


  2. krystinicole · March 1

    I also fell short last year! and the year before that! Good luck with all your prep!


  3. dianeandlynne · March 1

    Looking forward to hearing more from you. Good luck!


  4. amelia1973 · March 1

    I will motivate/remind you everyday!


  5. milbom40 · March 1

    It’s good motivation to have a goal in mind! You can do it!


  6. Kim K · March 1

    Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve got plenty of material. Happy slicing!


  7. write4todayblog · March 1

    Colin- It looks like you have a lot to celebrate this year for The Slice of Life and experiences from past challenges. I look forward to reading your slices.


  8. Katie Diez · March 1

    You will have so many reasons to write this month! And you are totally up for the challenge!


  9. cathyjoweidner · March 1

    This is my first year, and I’m already taking it one day at a time…you’re a seasoned professional who’s definitely got this!


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