I see several of my peers writing today about our fickle March weather.  It makes me think back to my college days at North Central waking up at 5am for morning run.

It was about this time of year where the number of runners would dwindle.  They had made it through the cold winter and enjoyed a week hiatus of sub-freezing temperatures, only to have their aspirations crushed by another cold snap.

It was in this instant that harriers of North Central would prove themselves.  Take the easy way out and go for a swim-run at the field house or strengthen the body AND mind and push through the irregular March weather.

Persevering through this month would pay dividends in May, runners just had to take the first step out the door.

Competitive response, one of my favorite topics to write and talk about is born in instances like these.  Do we choose greatness and hard work, or mediocrity and status quo?





I have had a few peers ask me for clarification of yesterday’s blog post.  My challenge would be to provide meaningful feedback.  Whether it be thoughtful commenting on the content of another’s writing or constructive insight on parts of the writing we could see them expanding in the future.  The point was not to berate, tear down, or even tell someone they could do something better, but rather to help them to expand on what we see as potential which might otherwise be missed.  One of the main things that turned me away from the challenge last year was reading, “You’re such a good writer!” or “This was a great piece!” over and over again on pretty much every blog.  I’m hoping rather than the surface level comments such as these we can say why people are good writers or why a certain piece was great.



  1. cflathers · March 2, 2016

    I loved your line “Do we choose greatness and hard work, or mediocrity and status quo?” This really makes me think as a person, parent, or even teacher. What am I choosing for myself, my children, or my students? I need to start pushing everyone including myself to choose greatness and then work for it instead of being okay with mediocrity I see so many of my students just doing enough to pass the class. D equals diploma has once again become a popular phrase. Thanks for making me think.


  2. Brooke Kinsman · March 2, 2016

    Today someone expounded on my blog post but ended up saying exactly what I was trying (and failing) to say, so I agree with your thoughts on commenting. However, that being said, sometime all I have to say is, “I love this!” and I still feel like it needs to be said for some reason.


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